Pawster Nashville’s mission is to end pet homelessness before it begins, by providing short-term respite care for pets as an alternative to surrender, with the goal of reunification with their owners.

In other words, when pet owners are in crisis, we place their dog or cat in a foster home until the owner is back on their feet.

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The Problem

Have you ever wondered how a pet becomes homeless?

Long before many cats or dogs ever end up in a shelter, they have a loving home. But life happens, and owners feel they have no choice but to surrender their pet. Loss of a job or other income, loss of housing, hospitalization, domestic violence, incarceration, addiction rehab, military deployment – in these sudden crises, pet owners feel they have no choice but to surrender their pet.

The Solution: Crisis Fostering

Pawster Nashville gives pet owners a different choice.

When a pet owner is in crisis, we place their cat or dog in a foster home suited to each pet’s individual needs, until the owner is ready to be reunited with their pet. And because we believe that every pet deserves to be pampered, we give each cat or dog a complimentary grooming session before they go home.

Our network of “Pawster Fosters” make up the core of our work. They come from all walks of life, just like our clients, and they are ready to care for pets with various temperaments, ages, medical conditions, and histories.

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We also have plenty of other volunteer opportunities for anyone who wants to be a part of the Pawster family.

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